What time does lunch start?

10 a.m.

Do you make gluten-free or sugar-free items?

No, we are a small shop and don't have the space to separate gluten-free /sugar-free items from regular.

What is a Bullfrog?

Two ring donuts woven together with extra cinnamon and sugar inside.

What is a Fluff-A-Nutter Donut?

A yeast donut with peanut butter cream and peanut butter drizzle with marshmallow fluff cream.

What is a Maple Square?

A yeast donut (square in shape) with a cream filling and topped with maple frosting.

What is a Maple Stick?

A yeast donut, tubular in shape, and topped with maple frosting.

What is a Maple Cream Donut?

A yeast donut filled with cream and dipped in a maple glaze.

What are your hours?

Tuesday–Saturday, 6 a.m.–2 p.m.

What is your phone number?


What is your address?

746 Calef Hwy., Barrington, NH 03825

How much advance notice do I need to give you to preorder something?

  • Donuts/pastries – 24 hours

  • Everything else – 72 hours